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Jun 13, 2022

For those of you who have followed my work for any length of time now, you know today’s guest is one of the nearest and dearest to my heart; the one and only Rachel Camfield. 

Rachel is an artist, writer, coach, and podcast host of The Mother’s Embrace Podcast. Her work focuses on normalizing real-life conversations and embracing the journey of purposeful transformation. She loves all things home and treasures her family. Her original art can be found in mom-and-pop shops nationwide where she couples encouragement, art, and jewelry in collaboration with the woman-run and woman-owned handmade leather brand, KEVA. Her passion is for helping others with creative ideas, deep devotion, and authentic connections. She has over 10 years of experience in writing, design, coaching, sales, and speaking. She lives outside of Richmond, Virginia with her golf-pro, Ted Lasso-ish husband, two children, and their tiny 4-lb toy poodle, Wally.

Rachel is one of the most deeply creative souls I know. In this episode we talk about the need for vulnerability in our lives, honoring our journeys, and where our art fits in to it all (especially during life changing seasons such as having children or going through a global pandemic.)

I’m honored to have her as a guest today and can’t wait to hear what your biggest takeaways are! 

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • [01:06] All about Rachel Camfield
  • [04:50] The season of life Rachel is currently in and what has been opening for her in motherhood and her soul.
  • [08:54] Rachel’s artistic process 
  • [11:39] Rachel’s he vulnerability of putting our art out into the world.
  • [16:02] How Rachel has navigated her success path
  • [18:49] What led Rachel to create the Mother’s Embrace and her movement
  • [19:40] The heartbeat of the Mother’s Embrace Podcast and the gifts it has provided in the past year
  • [25:33] Rachel’s philosophy of making your life your work of art
  • [29:12] How Rachel  has  “cracked the shell of the enough-ness egg”
  • [30:45] Things to think about as a parent  when making bigger decisions, right on behalf of the well-being of your children 
  • [34:08] What to lean on in order to form a genuine friendship and intimate relationship





Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “I find myself really being the primary parent, and understanding the weight of that responsibility, the opportunity of that responsibility, knowing that every single thing I've ever poured into my children has, in turn been a gift to me.” [06:15]
  • “For me is, you know, I, I did not go to art school, it's something I deeply wanted, it was not an option for me. I don't think I took an art class in college. So everything I've done has always been self-taught.” [12:11]
  • “No matter if it's a snail's pace or it's not going like I thought it would or I want it to, I still would choose exactly what I'm doing. I would choose exactly what I'm doing. And that is like a breath of fresh air.” [16:39]
  • “For me, the reason motherhood is the lane of my life, is because it is my greatest teacher, it is the way I can navigate some of the most challenging dynamics and topics.” [21:33]
  • “if it speaks to you, and it speaks to the life that you feel called to live, then by making it a part of your space and a part of your home, it's not only going to touch, you will touch the other people that get to come into your life..” [27:27]
  • “I'm a very emotional person, yet I have had to learn in parenting, and in marriage, and in business, all of it, I cannot let my emotions run the show.” [30:45]
  • “I believe that when you take personal ownership, it is the bravest thing that someone can do. And if you have someone who's taking personal ownership, and they're also choosing to break a cycle, they're choosing to lay a new foundation for their life and for future generations.” [42:04]


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