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Feb 6, 2024

Welcome back to the IGNITE Your Dream Podcast! This month for our episodes I will be re-sharing some of my favorite conversations from the past few years! And there's no better episode to kick things off with than my incredible convo with Nicole Meline! 

If you're looking for a conversation that will simultaneously light a fire underneath you and call you back home to yourself- this is the one.

True story: I was so excited to share this conversation with people that I sent the raw audio file to my mentorship clients to listen! 

Today's episode is with absolute magical unicorn, Nicole Meline, who entered my world via an online exercise class. I was literally running on the treadmill WHILE taking notes about the things she was saying during the session.

Nicole mentors leaders in body and spirit to amplify their creative genius and heartward vision. She weaves movement, breath, music, poetry, and the unexpected into practices that expand the heart. Her ALTER movement and meditation practices are sanctuaries of sweat and revelatory stillness to recover joyful creativity. She is the author of the Envision Planner and Integrate Journal, celebrated workbooks for refining purpose and plans, and her digital courses are potent frameworks for transformation. Nicole is also the host of the beloved ALTER Podcast and ALTER Journeys soulful adventure retreats.

An ironman triathlete and eternal student with four masters degrees, Nicole celebrates the art of balancing hustle and flow, engaging work as creative, sustainable, sacred offering. 

I can't wait for you to listen! 

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