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May 24, 2022

Today I am coming to you live from my IGNITE Mastermind! I'm sharing with you one of our bi-weekly trainings: Money Monday. IGNITE is an accountability community that includes accountability coaching, monthly trainings, Spark sessions and hot seats. Money Mondays are an incredible time to connect with friends and community about your money mindset, sharing what's working and what's not, celebrating wins and recognizing obstacles.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • [01:01] About Ignite mastermind
  • [04:37] A member's question on making money goals a reality backing into the month quarter year
  • [13:29] How to keep feeling empowered through the highs and lows
  • [16:21] How to keep focus in the good energy during the messy middle
  • [21:30] Trying to manage the identity of ourselves inside our personal brands, and the ways in which we function sort of in an old way of being when the work that we've been committing ourselves to has challenged us into new understanding, and new ways of seeing
  • [23:01] Challenging clients around their patterns and constructs of comfort
  • [26:32] Imposter syndrome
  • [29:25] My take on why failure is obsolete


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “We have to have a vision, we have to be led by our vision, if the dream is a new, and it’s for you.” [05:17]
  • “The goal is used, I think, as a tool to help us take the action that we're meant to take so we can have the experiences we're meant to have. So we can continue to grow and evolve in the ways that we're meant to grow and evolve.” [07:12]
  • “When we're judging the energy is good or bad. It creates this polarity that that puts us in this sort of like slamming back and forth on the spectrum, instead of just allowing ourselves to be neutral, about what's coming through, even when it feels really hard.” [16:28]
  • “Debts are a reflection or a mirror for our commitments.” [17:37]
  • “Helping people when people need help, is a great thing to do. It's a great thing to do, and it will help you to have a more profitable business. Sooner than later.” [19:50]
  • “Comfortable is a relative term that can really go any which way, given the day of the week, we're going to have a conversation about it.” [22::08]
  • “Money is just a tool that gets to help us in the expression process.” [26:42]


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