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Sep 18, 2018


Have you ever wondered what your pets were thinking, what they were trying to tell you, or how you can help them as they get older?

I know I have!

Today’s guest, the incredibly gifted Meghan Shea, is an animal whisperer and intuitive who can help you get those very answers. Meghan is a 33-year-old equestrian and telepathic animal whisperer and healer, who believes that through serving and giving back to animals, we create an impact on the world. Meghan’s ability to communicate with them shows you the world through the lens of your animals eyes and gives you direct access to who they are, what they need and why they are here.

Whether you believe in this type of work or not, Meghan’s stories are sure to crack your heart wide open, give you massive confirmation that our animal friends are here to help us see beyond what may seem to be happening on the surface of our lives.

In this episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ :42 ]

  • Today’s guest, Meghan Shea [ 1:50 ]

  • What animal whispering actually is and how Meghan accesses her gift [ 4:35 ]

  • When Meghan started to develop her gift and understand that she could connect with animals [ 6:46 ]

  • Meghan shares a story about her her work works, and how it impacts the humans she works with as well [ 11:10 ]

  • How Meghan helps people when their animals are being aggressive or destructive

    [ 26:00 ]

  • How to tap in to our animals and open up to understanding them [ 29:21 ]

  • Real-life coaching: how to support animals who have separation anxiety [ 38:34 ]

  • Stories about why Meghan does the work that she does [ 47:55 ]

  • What Meghan would say to a former version of herself [ 57:45 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Part of my gift is being able to help people connect more deeply, not only to their animals, but to themselves.”

  • “My work, my purpose, my mission in this life, is to give people something to connect to. So that even when the animal is gone, you still feel them here with you.”

  • “When we open up to them, they open right back up to us.”

  • “There’s so much more to this life than what we’re living now, and it continues, and it goes on...and they come back.”

Links Mentioned:

Find our more about Meghan on her website: and follow her on Instagram: @_meghanshea_

Be sure to tag me in your big shifts and takeaways: @amberlilyestrom

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