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Mar 13, 2018

stop holding themselves back with their own limiting beliefs.

Mary Shores is the author of the book Conscious Communication, a speaker, and an entrepreneur who uses her in depth understanding of neuroscience and human behavior to help other entrepreneurs and individuals make changes in their lives that allow them to move forward with confidence.

Today we talk about everything from how to prioritize our businesses and personal lives to how to calm down our central nervous systems in an effort to stay present and healthy. You’re going to want to grab a paper and pen for this incredible interview, there’s way too much goodness in here to miss!


  • Today’s guest, Mary Shores [ 4:05 ]

  • iTunes Review of the week [ 5:37 ]

  • What Mary is working on and most excited about right now [ 7:00 ]

  • What is “The Core Four” and how to use it as a filter in our decision making [ 9:19 ]

  • Mary’s “why” for doing the work she does [ 21:43 ]

  • How Mary’s book, Conscious Communication came to be [ 28:02 ]

  • How to trust yourself to know when something isn’t right for you [ 34:59 ]

  • How to help people pleasers start making decisions for themselves [ 38:00 ]

  • Why saying “no” is important for entrepreneurs [ 43:50 ]

  • Mary talks about the nervous system [ 49:11 ]

  • What Mary thinks the next big thing in online business is [ 58:54 ]


  • “Your words are like a mirror to your subconscious.”

  • “I think we flutter through life not understanding how in control we truly are.”

  • “Everything we say, everything we do, every choice we make in the thinnest sliced moments of life is either creating a connection to what we want- or it’s driving a disconnection.”

  • “There’s a fine line between value and overwhelm.”

  • “True transformation happens in small pivots over time. It’s that uncomfortable, not graceful journey that you’re taking to get to where you need to be.”


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