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Apr 10, 2016

In this episode of the Soulpowered CEO Podcast, I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend and soul sister Rachel Camfield.

Rachel is a life & brand coach for creatives. Through her intuitive design and coaching process, she supports entrepreneurs in honoring their truth and making a life and brand that feels authentic to who they are. 

On the show we talk about the power of authentic friendships and what a game-changer ours has been to our lives and businesses. Rachel shares how the story of her life has lead her to the work she does today and what trusting the tug of her soul has taught her. 

I love this woman so very much, she is wise beyond her years and brings a light and sparkle to everything she touches, I am confident you will fall in love with her too after you listen to this episode.

PS -  Rachel and I hosted a sold-out event together back in February 2016 called Bloom.Live. {Consciously Cultivating a LIfe + Brand You Love}. The event took place at the incredible Laney & Lu Cafe of Exeter, New Hampshire and it was an off-the-charts success. We plan to host another Bloom.Live in Richmond, Virginia in early June 2016, click here to make sure you're on the list when the invite goes live (you'll receive my Productivity Powerhouse training as a bonus!). 


  • The small pivots of change you can make to discover who and where you want to be.

  • Why focusing on the now, not the how is so important in life and business.

  • How to put all of the ingredients of your goal together to see what kind of cake comes out.

  • About Rachel’s mission to carry joy into her business.

  • Why the term "solopreneur" should be used with caution.

  • How to use your personal compass to move you toward the life you want.

  • A little bit about Rachel’s newest project: The Making Things Lovely Show podcast: Crafting a life and a business that feels like home.

  • And so much more…