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Mar 27, 2018

There aren’t words to describe the strength and the grace that today’s guest, Lisa Bovee, has exemplified through her work and in her life following the tragic death of her 22 year old son, Conner.

In the wake of insurmountable loss, Lisa has risen up through her pain and shared a message of hope with us in her new book Guided by Grief. She is a fiercely loving mama of 3, and a woman on a mission to connect to and help others walking through their own versions of deep grief, day in and day out.

You may want to grab some tissues for this one- but I assure you,  today’s episode touches on so much more than the pain of loss. Lisa shares her incredible spirit and gratitude for everything that remains, and reminds us all to squeeze our loved ones a little extra tight.

I am honored and humbled to share Lisa and Conner Bovee’s story with you today..


  • Today’s grief, Lisa Bovee [ 4:46 ]

  • What the process of writing her book, Guided by Grief,  was like [ 7:40 ]

  • Lisa’s mission [ 10:31 ]

  • Who is Conner Bovee and what is his legacy [ 12:43 ]

  • How do you pick up the pieces and move forward through grief [ 16:18 ]

  • There is no timeline on grief  [ 22:18 ]

  • How do we stay present while also knowing that someday we will experience great loss [ 29:09 ]

  • Losing loved ones is an invitation [ 35:04 ]

  • What Lisa has done on the other side of grief  [ 39:57 ]


  • “I’ve learned to really listen to myself, my gut and my emotions… and just honor what I really do and don’t need.”

  • “The soul that Conner is, drives me to stay upright and stay positive- as best I can. To try to stay on the side of abundance, thinking about how proud and honored I am to be his mom.”

  • “As long as we’re here on earth we’re going to grieve, and so it’s best to learn how to do that in a healthy way.”

  • “Understand, there is the possibility of future joy. When you’re in that deepest grief, that does not seem possible. I’m living proof that that’s possible.”

  • “Don’t wait for grief to guide you. Go do good things, now.”


  • The book Guided by Grief is now for sale. Be sure to purchase it here!

  • Support Lisa’s mission at

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