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Apr 25, 2023

On this episode of the Ignite Your Dream podcast, Amber Lilyestrom shares her
takeaways from speaking at her client Jenna Klopfenstein’s first live event – Next Level
You Live in Columbus, Ohio. She reveals how she used to struggle with feeling like she
wasn't doing the “right” things when it came to her business – especially - when in the
company of her peers at events. She shares the intimate truths of how she unraveled
these negative thinking patterns in real time and offers insights on how listeners can do
the same.

If you’ve struggled to create momentum in your business or feel weighed down in the
over analysis of what you are doing “right or wrong” – this episode is for you. Amber will
also share the unexpected benefits that accompany this inner work and the
breakthroughs that become available, specifically, in how you show up in your business
and life as a result of doing this reveal work.

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