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Oct 31, 2017

If there is one man that understands how to achieve Greatness, it is this one.

But- not only does Lewis Howes know how to achieve it for himself, he has made it his mission… his life’s purpose... to help as many people as he possibly can, do the same.

When I met Lewis in person for the first time at his Summit of Greatness Mastermind event, I felt called to share with him how grateful I was and how deeply connected our stories were on a soul level. Our pasts and our journeys share this incredible synchronicity, and even now- here is a man helping me to give life to my dreams, while I help game-changing women and mamapreneurs (like you) breathe life into theirs.

So, you know, what an honor it is to bring him here for you and to dig in deep on this conversation. Today we are breaking the code and unlocking the secrets that will help you take off that mask that you’ve been wearing to live in alignment with your truth, so you can manifest your dreams into reality.

Lewis has built a game changing empire around one simple word: Greatness. He has forged a path and given us the map to stepping into what we are afraid of and creating the life we know we were meant for. Whether it is through his podcast, in either one of his books,The School of Greatness and his newly released The Mask of Masculinity or in one of his live events; he is constantly urging us to break through our old barriers and set our eyes on the sky.

Friends- I am inviting you to slip out of your masks for the next hour, open your hearts, and get ready to download some powerful insights from a man and friend who has devoted his life to creating maximum impact. This one will not only leave you feeling inspired and motivated; it will leave you feeling capable and ready to do the same.


  • How your work in the world can align with the healing journey you’re on

  • How we can use pain to break through our physical and mental barriers

  • How our masks keep us from being seen, and how vulnerability can become the key to healing

  • How women can use his book, “The Mask of Masculinity” to help them understand the men in their lives

  • How to build the superpower of self trust

  • How to recreate a “stadium environment” in your own business

  • How gratitude, growth and giving have allowed him to live out his dreams

  • Why YOU should be your favorite brand


  • What are you most grateful for?

  • What have been some of the most painful emotions that come up frequently for you?

  • When did you start to consciously connect with the concept of the mask of masculinity?

  • When did you start dreaming?

  • What has been the podcast experience been like for you?

  • What is your mission of every conversation on your podcast?

  • What do you think the people listening to RIGHT NOW need to hear from you?

  • What have been your favorite podcast episodes?

  • What are you working on, emotionally, right now?

  • What is the core message you make sure you get to live out?

  • How would you say your choices in your youth served you today as an entrepreneur?

  • What do you advise for women who are powerhouses, but lack confidence?

  • What do you want more of in life?

  • What would you say to younger Lewis about the big vision, so he can keep moving forward?

  • Who are your favorite brands?


“I go to a place in my mind when the pain comes to see how much farther I can push it. What else can I do to strengthen and expand. I know when I feel pain, if I stop right then, I’m not going to break through.”

“I think a lot of us are weak minded and we’re afraid to feel uncomfortable. So I try to be as uncomfortable as possible whenever I can.”

“I think the biggest disservice to yourself and the world. is to try to put on a mask and fit in.”

“So many men are holding onto these masks, they’re unwilling to reveal themselves. And when we start to share about the things we’re most afraid of- that’s when we can begin to heal.”

“ I want to create something for myself that is a reminder everyday to improve and be grateful.”

“I want to make sure I honor the feelings that I have. But also honor someone else’s feelings and the commitments that I make. “

“I want to be a catalyst to show people that their dreams are possible. And that their dreams matter because they matter. “

“My goal is to make the maximum impact on the people I can, today. Because this is all I have- this moment.”

“I believed in myself every day more and more when I showed up and gave my all on what I said I was going to do.”

“It’s hard to go after a big dream when you don’t believe in yourself.”

“Focus on gratitude. Focus on growth. Focus on giving.”