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Mar 29, 2022

Lauryn is a somatic business coach, breathwork facilitator, speaker, retreat host, wife and mom. She spent over a decade building businesses that allow space for truly living and she inspires others to do the same. She's also the creator of the wealth lab and online community giving women the tools and permission to experiment and discover their unique money-making formula. Moreover, Lauryn is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Meadows Realty Group, The Detroit mobile bar and Retreat to Reclaim.

Lauryn has been featured by Detroit moms, Metro Detroit weddings, Dance Collective and more. She's built a multiple six figure business while being present with her family. She lives in Michigan with her high school sweetheart turn husband, Ronnie, and their two daughters and their one angel son. It has been a privilege to journey with her to witness her healing process and the ways in which she's come into the fullness of who she really is and what her work in the world is.

Today’s conversation is a powerful one, and I'd also like to add a heartfelt and sensitive warning for those who aren't in a position to listen to a conversation about pregnancy or infant loss at this time in their lives. Lauryn shares a very personal part of her story, and it may be difficult for those who are healing to listen to such stories in this season of life. So, for our listening audience and family's sake, I just want to put that very sensitively. I also urge you to listen to this conversation if you're feeling up to it, because Lauryn is a gift, and her teachings as a somatic business coach and as someone who is here to help women create businesses that allow for real life to happen, are a profound blessing.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • [01:04] Today’s guest, Lauryn Laszczak
  • [05:43] Lauryn's inspiring story, which takes us back to her transformational coaching journey.
  • [09:09] All about Lauryn’s awakening
  • [10:04] Lauryn's stillbirth and how she was able to navigate through it with the help of family and friends
  • [17:52] Lauryn breaking out moments and the voices she listened to
  • [23:21] How Lauryn moved through her healing 
  • [29:28] Why Lauryn was initially hesitant to work with coaches and why when you give, you also receive 
  • [36:27] Lauryn's advice on how to make the transition from teaching to clarity
  • [37:02] Get to know more about downloads and how you can use them to your advantage



  • “The work we get to do for ourselves, that is the gift we later get to give others.” [00:23]
  • This is about giving women more choice, like choice to decide, like, I'm not going right back to work, I am not going back to normal there. In fact, there is just no normal anymore.” [13:28]
  • “To keep it all inside, and not letting ourselves receive support is, is really the reason why we suffer so deeply.” [17:12]
  • Is that these beliefs, these stories we hold so deeply, we find so much proof for them Amber like, I mean, I have all the proof like, this happened to me. And it goes even beyond that if we look at our stories from childhood. And so, it's like, it's never going to just go away, but you still have to continue to move through it. “[19:59]
  • “Not everything we do has to be for a business, not everything that we invest in has to be for something to create for somebody else; we do get to do this work for ourselves, too. “[25:58]
  • The more that you grow, the more everything in your life will grow “[26:28]
  • “To allow for the downloads to come like give yourself enough space to actually process like, what could that be? What would that look like? Would my hearts be really interested in this? Like, allow yourself to question that, and, and then listen, and then take some small actions for it.” [36:40]
  • I'm not the same person today that I was yesterday.” [42:05]


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