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Jun 27, 2017

I am so excited for this highly anticipated podcast with my beloved soul sister, Laurel Holland. Let me introduce you to this phenomenal woman who is a pioneer for all female entrepreneurs, like myself. Laurel is an Author, Speaker, and Holistic Life Coach for women who are done settling for anything less than feeling really good inside. She’s been on a 30-year journey into self-development, spirituality, mental health counseling, and energy medicine. This sacred work informs her as she intuitively guides women into a strong connection with their inner guidance and soul’s calling. Laurel’s book, Courageous Women, and her signature program, Live Your Inner Power, help women create a foundation of courage, authenticity, and peace so they can create the life they deeply desire.

Laurel has been coaching for over 20 years and has so much to share with our listeners who have only just begun coaching. I’m so excited for you to hear Laurel’s sage wisdom and guidance as she leads us to live our lives truthfully and fully through self-awareness and soul work.


  • How to approach releasing our fear of being seen and overcoming the conflict that holds us back

  • How to balance being a mother and business owner in a way that feels right for you

  • What we can do to deal with our attraction to ‘shiny things’

  • How to manifest what you really want by looking at what you’re manifesting now

  • How to surrender to your truth by acknowledging what you’ve created

  • Steps to get back to being completely women

  • Why we need mother figures

  • How healing your wounds can open yourself up to new dreams


  • Combined her backgrounds in energy medicine, counseling, and business

  • Built her business while focusing on motherhood

  • Diagnosed with Graves’ disease and chose to be true to her voice

  • Realized she was living a life she didn’t want and became self-aware 


  • How were you led to coaching 20 years ago?

  • What advice do you have for us when we’re distracted by the shiny things?

  • Where do you think our dreams come from?


“When you start living consciously, you end up having a million good things to choose from. You want to be in the thing that’s right for you right where you are now.” 

“The chase is just an opportunity for you to have more life experiences.”

“If you cannot sit with yourself and look at the truth of where you are now, you won’t be able to get where you want to go.” 


Live Your Inner Power Program

Courageous Women