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Mar 7, 2017

Kristi Dosh and I have been colleagues for the last decade or so, yet we never actually connected during ALL of those years until now. We connected for a conversation about her PR business and why it’s so important to share your expertise and magic with the world.    

Kristi Dosh is a publicist, author of Saturday Millionaire, and CEO of Guide My Brand. She works with entrepreneurs to establish themselves as experts and become more visible in their expertise to help grow their business. Her career began as a corporate attorney and she is now a nationally-recognized expert in sports by using a combination of blogging, public speaking and media appearances. She is continually evolving and has an ‘I can do anything’ attitude that has helped her take her career to amazing heights. In this soul fueled discussion, we cover pivot points, getting over our fears of self-promotion, and sticking to our why.


  • Kristi’s motivation to change course and follow a new path

  • Why self-promotion isn’t ‘icky’ and how to get over that mental block

  • How getting clear on your mission will transform your visibility

  • How Kristi packages her client’s pitch to help them receive the publicity they are ready for

  • Why breaking down your pitch into actionable steps is essential for public appearances

  • How to start putting yourself out there

  • Why public speaking will help take your business to the next level


  • Planned her career as an attorney for her entire life, complete with a country club membership and partner position

  • Started a blog as a hobby and it began to slowly shift into a career

  • Received an incredible opportunity to work at ESPN, which required her to give up  her life as an attorney  


  • What is the most common way you see female entrepreneurs holding themselves back?

  • Why is it so important to work with someone who understands the pitching process?

  • What is the first thing you should think about when you want to increase your visibility?


“I’m not a big risk-taker. I’m a rule-follower, but ever since I took that big leap, I will take all kinds of risks when it comes to my career. I am always willing to bet on me.”

“There’s someone out there you need to help. There’s someone that needs your gifts.”

“Have a really clear idea of what you want to be known for and why you want to be known for that.”


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