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May 22, 2018

Courage. Merriam-Webster defines it as mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

Notice that it doesn’t say to do so in the absence of danger, fear or difficulty?

Today’s guest, Kate Swoboda, is leading the charge on courage and making a massive impact on her clients (and the world) as an author, a coach and a teacher. Kate’s book, “The Courage Habit” will help you identify what no longer serves you, find out what your most courageous self truly wants, and help you align your life with your desires through learning and practicing the habit of courage.

Kate and I unpack what it means to be courageous, how to listen to our fear, and how to show up for ourselves- even when everything within us wants us to lock the door and shut the shades.

If you’re ready to start taking inspired and courageous action in your life, and to start making it a habit- this one’s for you.


  • iTunes Review of the week [ :43 ]

  • This week’s guest, Kate Swoboda [ 1:55 ]

  • Kate and I talk about the word “courage” [ 3:54 ]

  • We talk more about what it means to feel afraid and dive in anyway [ 6:25 ]

  • What lead Kate to “The Courage Habit” and how we can apply it [ 9:03 ]

  • How to recognize our fear based habits [ 13:50 ]

  • Kate discusses her own story and how she built her own courage habit [ 19:20 ]

  • What Kate says to “non-cryers” and authentically feeling our emotions [ 30:17 ]

  • How Kate is sharing the courage habit in her business [ 38:17 ]


  • “I think of courageous living as being a place where who you actually are on the inside, is how you truly are living on the outside.”

  • “I think there’s a quiet courage that often goes underlooked that’s required in our day to day lives, to really create lives where we feel fulfilled.”

  • “Fear is not logical- we have to deal with it in the body.”

  • “If you’re shutting down your sadness, you’re shutting down your joy.”


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MAY 22, 2018