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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Oct 10, 2017

Kate Northrup was one of my most favorite online entrepreneurs and writers when I first launched my business. I loved her down-to-earth style and ageless wisdom and so appreciated how she had created a business that included working with her partner.

Kate and I met back in December 2014 and became fast friends and mastermind sisters in our sweet little group that meets up in Maine every month. This conversation is going to open up a great deal of clarity for you and will also serve as a giant exhale for those of us who tend to do life on the perfectionist side of the fence.

Kate is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, bestselling author and activist with a mission to help you get what you want in business and life without sacrificing what matters most. She supports ambitious, motivated women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Her podcast, The Kate & Mike Show, is one of my absolute favorites.

It’s been so inspiring to witness how Kate has grown in her partnership with her husband and her journey as a mother and business owner. She has turned the doubt and fears that come up in business and motherhood into learning for others. I hope you’re able to take Kate’s sage wisdom into your life and business.


  • The impact of soul sisters on Kate’s biggest successes

  • How a weekly meeting with her husband transformed their relationship

  • Why having a couple’s therapist is key to rising above harmful patterns

  • How Kate spent less time on her business without losing income

  • Why you need to put out your work even if you’re scared

  • How to make the distinction of what’s really at fault for your failures

  • Why vagueness is holding you back from making more sales

  • Why you don’t have to share your current reality in your business

  • How being with your child can be a form of meditation

  • Why you need to show up first every day


  • Brought her partner into her business

  • Stepped back from her work as a new mom

  • Learned to own her voice and stake a claim


  • What does your husband bring to your business that you’re grateful for?

  • What’s surprised you the most as you’ve become a mom and business owner?

  • Where do you find the confidence to move forward with a launch?


“We choose our partners because we love them, but we also choose them because they trigger things within us that need to be healed.”

“I can show up for the things that matter most and my business won’t implode.”

“We’re all upgrading our lineage by stepping into our own work.”

“We are all given opportunities. Do we create gold out of those or do we not step up to the plate?”

“Being with a young child is such a beautiful form of meditation.”


Breakdown to Breakthrough podcast episode