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Aug 22, 2017

Karen Kenney is a writer, speaker, retreat leader and founder of Fearless Flow Mentoring. She’s been a certified Kripalu yoga teacher since 2001 and a student and guide of A Course in Miracles for 23+ years. Her spiritual mother is world renowned speaker and author Marianne Williamson. Karen is known for her storytelling, her humor and her down-to-earth approach to spirituality. Her aim is to guide her students through an experience of strength, serenity, and Spirit.

Karen is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant, wise women I’ve had the gift of meeting. She breaks things down in such a clear and powerful way that I know you are going to gain so much out of our conversation. This conversation was like church and I am so honored to share it with you. You’re going to want to take notes for this one.


  • Why it’s so difficult to love yourself and how to begin the healing journey

  • How to clear past insecurities by owning the power to create your world

  • How Karen forgave and healed after her mother’s traumatic death

  • How Karen calls on the divine for healing and making miracles

  • What we can do to stop playing dumb and show up authentically

  • How to get clear on who you are and become unstoppable

  • How to pause and make a choice to respond to difficult emotions

  • What impact books had on Karen’s education and recovery

  • Karen’s experience working with Marianne Williamson on forgiveness


  • Learned how to act tough as a child around a volatile parent relationship

  • Lost her mother in a brutal attack and fell into a victim role

  • Transformed her mindset to stand in her power and end victimization

  • Became a student of A Course in Miracles and shares the teachings with others


  • What advice do you have for those who are still dealing with past insecurities?

  • How did you pivot from victimization to owning your authentic self?

  • What do we do when it feels like the people around us won’t change?


“I want to make God accessible to everybody.”

“We think we’re at the mercy of the world. You are actually making your own world.”

“Be in the world, but know that you’re not of here.”

“The worst thing you can do is try to be someone different than who you are. You don’t even know your own power”

“People are either showing love or crying out for love.”

“The Course says, ‘Our only problem is we believe we are separate from God.’”


A Return to Love

A Course in Miracles