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Mar 20, 2018

We never know when inspiration is going to strike, or how much the courage to see it through can massively change the course of our lives.

Today’s guest, Jessica Principe- had a sudden burst of genius (in the shower, of all places) and never looked back. She has gone on to create and launch All Girl Shave Club, a bi-monthly subscription business that took something that used to feel like a chore, and turned it into a thriving business that allows women to pamper themselves on a daily basis.

Jess and I dove into the courage that it took to move forward with her vision, and what it means to stare fear in the face- and do it anyway.

For all my fellow dreamers and doers out there who’ve gotten a little tripped up by doubt and fear - this episode is just the inspiration you need to get you marching onward.


  • iTunes review of the week [ 4:05 ]

  • This week’s guest, Jessice Principe [ 6:35 ]

  • How All Girl Shave Club came to life [ 9:23 ]

  • How Jess turned fear and doubt into motivation and certainty [ 14:01 ]

  • How her business has grown one year after it’s launch [ 17:10 ]

  • Where Jess’ hunger to expand and grow has come from [ 21:00 ]

  • How to navigate life as a mamapreneur [ 23:01]

  • How launching her business has aligned Jess with her soul’s journey [ 29:05 ]

  • What’s next for Jess and All Girl Shave Club [ 32:14 ]


  • “When we feel afraid, that doesn’t mean that we’re on the wrong path- it’s just our body’s natural response to the unknown.”

  • “Feel the fear, do it anyway. Do it afraid.”

  • “This world is not a place of scarcity and limit; there’s room for all of us and we’re all executing our dreams uniquely.”

  • “Value your purpose and your passion more than you value money.”

  • “We can do amazing things as women, as moms, as wives- and we should be empowered to do the things that pull at our heart.”


Be sure to find Jess on her website at  or follow her over on Instagram!

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MARCH 20, 2018