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May 10, 2022

Today’s episode is with the incredible founder of Lady ChangeMakers, the official “Amazon for Women” e-commerce platform. 


Jessica is the founder of Lady ChangeMakers, an all inclusive e-commerce platform for women-owned businesses. Jessica is an expert in creating exposure and driving traffic for e-commerce businesses. 


She launched Lady ChangeMakers in 2021 in an effort to create a central e-commerce hub for women-owned businesses - think Amazon, but all lady bosses. The platform launched with 25 founding members by invite only, but will open up 

membership for additional members In 2022. Today, she is focused on helping women grow their e-commerce more.


We talk about everything from increasing our visibility, to why supporting women-owned businesses is so important, the value of personal growth in building a business and how introverts can still show up while honoring themselves in their businesses. 


In this Episode: 

  • [ :45 ] All about today’s guest, Jessica Bargenquast
  • [ 5:55 ] What Lady ChangeMakers is and what inspired Jessica to create it 
  • [ 11:00 ] How Jessica plans to grow Lady ChangeMakers 
  • [ 14:00 ] Tips on how to gain more visibility in your brand + business
  • [ 18:03 ] Jessica’s story and what led her to where she is today 
  • [ 22:20 ] Jessica’s advice for other introverts trying to build businesses 
  • [ 28:30 ] How to move through struggle + “failure”
  • [ 32:15 ] What to do when you’re feeling ready for change 
  • [ 35:40 ] What Jessica would say to a younger version of herself

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “Especially now more than ever, empathy is needed in this world.” 
  • “My entire mission is to help women-owned businesses be seen.” 
  • “Nobody told me I had to personally grow for my business to be able to.” 

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