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May 28, 2019

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If life or death were on the line- what would you do differently?

Today’s guest, Jeremy Woodward, is a fitness trainer with heart. Jeremy is the owner and founder of Jeremy’s BOOTCAMP. His motto is “Live Life to the Fittest,” and he lives up to that every day and inspires others to do the same.

Some might say Jeremy is a miracle, but no one can deny that he is an inspiration. After barely surviving 2 heart failures and corresponding open-heart surgeries, Jeremy has continued to accomplish amazing athletic feats while leaving a trail of inspiration along the way.

Just 3 years after his last open heart surgery, Jeremy not only finished Ironman Lake Placid but was one of the top fundraisers, raising $200,000 for the NH Nature Conservancy.

In this episode, Jeremy reveals his incredible story of overcoming heart failure multiple times, the corresponding open-heart surgeries, and later becoming a superstar athlete.

Jeremy has learned to never take anything for granted; he always treasures each moment and lives his life one day at a time.  

Life is overcomplicated; when, in reality, it should be straightforward. To Jeremy, living every day, being a good person, leading by example, and inspiring others is what he considers to be mission critical.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What lead up to Jeremy’s near-death experience [ 5:30 ]

  • Jeremy’s athletic background [ 8:05 ]

  • What it’s like to be feeling every emotion at once [ 9:10 ]

  • How life changed after Jeremy’s first open-heart surgery [ 13:30 ]

  • What lead to Jeremy’s second open-heart surgery [ 20:15 ]

  • The clarity that was gifted to Jeremy [ 23:35 ]

  • How Jeremy got a third chance at life [ 26:15 ]

  • How to achieve our goals [ 30:15 ]

  • Raising $200,000 for the NH Nature Conservancy [ 34:20 ]

  • How to lead by example as a parent [ 38:15 ]

  • What the fear of failure can do to us [ 44:40 ]

  • Advice for Jeremy’s former self [ 50:20 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I thought I had a cold, next thing you know I’m in an ambulance being rushed down to Boston Med.”

  • “I was in the worst stage of heart failure anyone could be in.”

  • “Tomorrow is not promised; live in the moment.”

  • “I have to take this gift that I was given and do something with it!”

  • “Small steps lead to big steps.”

  • “I was so grateful just to be alive.”

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Learn more about Jeremy and check out his amazing work over at and be sure to follow him on Instagram: @ironheartjeremy

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