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Mar 30, 2018

How many times in your life have you been pushing yourself towards a goal, and just kept saying to yourself, “If I only had more discipline…”?

In today’s Focus Friday, I want to sit down with you for some real talk on why that discipline our society celebrates could actually be holding you back. And why, deep down, it’s a form of punishment that’s shaming you towards your goals rather than inspiring you to them. I share exactly what you can trade it up for that will elevate your experience- allowing you to rise up to the next level of greatness that you’re destined for.


  • Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity because of F-E-A-R [ :48 ]

  • Why your discipline isn’t working and what you can trade it up for [ 2:23 ]

  • What, exactly,  is discipline? [ 2:48]

  • The alternative that could change your life  [ 7:18 ]

  • Who wrote the rules, anyway? [ 10:28 ]


  • “Discipline is woven into our culture, and we use it against ourselves.”

  • “We are punishing ourselves with the thing that is allegedly supposed to be helping us rise up to that next level.”

  • “It feels like I am fighting something, rather celebrating what I’ve been called to.”

  • “Why are you punishing yourself into creating greatness?”

  • “Devotion is about love, it’s about loyalty, it’s about enthusiasm, it’s about worship, observance, prayer; it’s about the divine sacred gifts and invitations that we’ve been asked to step into in this lifetime.”


Did you hear something that moved you today?!

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