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Aug 31, 2018


We are currently in the process of picking out fixtures and amenities for the new addition to our home. And in the spirit of  keepin’ it really real over here- a girl can get triggered + overwhelmed when it comes to trying to “get it all right” and make everything “perfect”.

In today’s Focus Friday, I share with you the key to making swift and aligned decisions. Whether it’s looking for light fixtures, or making big life choices- there is only one person we need to trust when it comes to choosing what is right for us… ourselves.

In this episode:

  • Decision making + how it can trigger us [ :50 ]

  • The key to making decisions swiftly [ 2:40 ]

  • One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make [ 6:00 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I’ve learned how to trust myself when I need to make decisions, so that I can tap in, tune in- and make those choices pretty quickly.”

  • “If it’s not perfect- we can fix it.”

  • “If we lean in to grace, if we lean in to trusting, if we lean in to listening- our answers are always waiting for us.”

  • “Life is not about understanding, life is about experiencing.”

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