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Aug 24, 2018

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What could happen in our lives if we stopped waiting for happiness to come to us, and started finding it within ourselves?

I have a tendency, when I’m caught up in the swirl, to place my happiness in the future- when the event happens, when the book launches, when the program begins… What I’ve come to realize over time, though, is that happiness is not at some finish line- it’s in the moments, the steps and the breaths it takes to get there.

This week’s Focus Friday is all about creating our happiness in the NOW, because, truthfully friends, that is the only place it can ever possibly exist.

In this episode:

  • What I discovered about my own expectations around happiness [ 1:30 ]

  • Why living in the present moment brings us joy [ 6:35 ]

  • The only time in our lives that we have any influence + control [ 12:55 ]

  • What happens when we don’t honor our own needs [ 15:45 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “When we are operating from a place of needing external circumstances to be ‘just-so’, that inevitably opens the doorway for dissatisfaction and unhappiness.”

  • “When we live in the future, that’s the definition of anxiety; when we live in the past, that’s the definition of depression; when we live in the present- that’s truly the definition of joy.”  

  • “My goal in my work is to only share in the way that I want to share; not as a reaction to someone else.”

  • “What is going to make me happy right now? It’s not the finish line, it’s not the bank account balance, it’s not the things that we think- it’s freedom.”

  • “Our world becomes so narrow when we are only doing things in a way that feels aligned with how someone else is doing it.”

  • “I own the power to make myself happy.”

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