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Jan 12, 2018

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed or checking out someone’s Insta story, only to close the app on your phone and somehow feel a little...less than?

Whether consciously or not, chances are you’ve got a little bit of comparisonitis going on, and could find yourself in the “compare and despair” mode. Sound familiar?

Today’s episode is all about that feeling we get when we believe that who we are, as we are, isn’t enough. It’s about the beliefs we hold true that trigger us to think that we don’t have within us what it takes to be epic; that who we are somehow isn’t enough.

Grab a notebook and pen, because I ask some questions in this episode that are gonna get you digging deep in reflection to begin unraveling those lies you’ve been telling yourself.

Guess what, fam- I’m calling BS on all those little lies today...and I’m showing you how you can too.


  • What is “comparisonitis” and how does it hold us back

  • The question I asked myself that changed how I will look at myself forever

  • Questions for you to journal and reflect on to help you move into alignment and total self acceptance


  • “When we spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to other people, it stops us from moving forward on our own missions.”

  • “So many of us live our lives trying to fix ourselves, rather than focus on, simply, improving.”

  • “We are coming to the work presupposing that there’s something inherently wrong with us, rather than just stepping into the truth that we are good enough as we are.”

  • “I am not here to fix me, I am here to accept me.”

  • “You can witness someone that you admire and see them as a reflection of what is already great within you.”