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Sep 28, 2018


In the process of building our dream home, I’ve been faced with countless questions that I didn’t know the answers to, because, well- I had never been asked them before.

In this week’s Focus Friday, I share with you the game-changing question I ask to save myself time, energy, and to enlist the knowledge + expertise of the amazing souls the Great Big U has surrounded me with.

It’s easy to think we should have all of the answers… but in today’s episode, I dive in to the reasons why it’s perfectly okay when we don’t.

In this episode:

  • Managing our time efficiently [ :50 ]

  • The question I ask others to save myself massive amounts of time + energy [ 1:49 ]

  • Entrusting others to support us on our journey [ 7:36 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “There is nothing that feels as good as knowing that someone else trusts you to support them on their journey and to breathe life in to their dreams.”

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