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May 11, 2018

The Universe is always weaving in opportunities to teach us lessons about ourselves and how we can better balance the ebb and flow of our lives (and our businesses.) The question is, are we willing to pay attention?

In today’s Focus Friday, I take the Divine downloads I received after playing in my own championship soccer game (we won!) and zoom the focus way out to show you how what I learned about myself on the soccer field translates into how I participate in this game called life.


  • Takeaways from my championship soccer game [ :40 ]

  • Learning how to ask for what we need so we can be successful [ 2:00 ]

  • The invitation to practice your composure [ 3:55 ]

  • Striking the balance between offense and defense [ 7:52 ]


  • “Where could you start asking for people to play to your strengths?”

  • “The scenario really doesn’t matter, it’s about the energy that we bring to the situation that matters the most.”  

  • “How are we playing on the defense, rather than getting on the offense, and sharing our creativity, our spirit, our light, our joy, our fun- with our tribe.”

  • “If the dream is in you, it is for you- and what I do best, is helping you find your way to it.”


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