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Jan 18, 2022

Are you ready to learn more about your gut health and ways to help it?

Bridgitte Carroll is a registered dietitian, business coach, and entrepreneur. At the beginning of the pandemic, she quit her job at a holistic pharmacy and started her own business WellXBridgitte. Her businesses have evolved quickly, and she's now help thousands of men and women heal from their gut issues.

She realized that she was an amazing mentor, not only for clients and helping them with their got issues but also to RD’s themselves, and in 2021 she started a coaching business to help RD’s grow their businesses, to support women in wellness, to go from six figures to multiple six figures. On top of that, she launched her newest venture, Gut Personal, which is a personalized gut health supplement company.

Join us today, while we follow along Bridgitte’s epic journey, learn about our gut health, and women supporting women.

Let’s rock!

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • [4:41] Bridgitte’s entrepreneurial journey
  • [11:01] Gut Personal
  • [16:06] Setting the stage
  • [22:03] What have you learned?
  • [30:21] Jump before you feel ready, creating a new pocket
  • [37:35] Releasing to grow
  • [40:42] Talking to our past selves


  • Call my shot” [5:39]
  • “Let’s have fun in our business” [18:36]
  • I don’t wanna be trading my time for money” [21:24]
  • “Am I going to regret doing this…. or am I gonna regret not doing this?” [31:54]

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