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Oct 23, 2018


Building businesses can be challenging enough- but building a business in partnership with a soul sister (or brother)  presents a whole new world of learning lessons and opportunities for growth.

I sat down with Angela Howard + April Wolfinger, co-owners of Soulful of Yourself LLC- as well as their own personal coaching brands. Angela is a confidence coach guiding women to find their inner badass, face their fears and live out their happiest lives. April specializes in holistic healing, coaching and leading women on the journey to becoming their own healer and stepping into their radiant power. Together, April and Angela join Soulful forces to provide Self-Love focused coaching programs helping women to re-discover themselves and return home to the goddess living within.

In today’s episode, we dive deep in to what it takes to build business + life partnerships; why open communication is so vital to them, and most importantly, why doing your OWN work is the key to building ones that last.

In this episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ :45 ]

  • Today’s guests, Angela Howard + April Wolfinger of Soulful of Yourself [ 2:25 ]

  • How Angela + April reached out and stood out when asking to be on the podcast [ 4:40 ]

  • How Angela + April were lead to the work they are doing today [ 7:41 ]

  • How to set ground rules in sisterhood + partnership [ 18:34 ]

  • How to have difficult conversations [ 21:30 ]

  • How to balance masculine/feminine in different relationships [ 25:20 ]

  • How to navigate money conversations + sharing revenue  [ 27:25 ]

  • What is required of each girl to show up as the best version of themselves [ 31:05 ]

  • The catalyst that allowed Angela + April to move forward and do their great work

[ 36:12 ]

  • Moving through fear of putting ourselves out there [ 42:00 ]

  • What Angela + April would say to former versions of themselves [ 46:18 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “My breakthrough came from my breakdown.”

  • “Our friendship is always going to come first.”

  • “People are going to judge you either way- so just do the thing you want to do.”

  • “You’re not going to fail- you’re going to learn, and you’re going to grow.”

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Follow Angela + April on Instagram: @angiehowie_ and @apfinga, and check out their website

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