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Jun 16, 2020

In what feels like the mass and collective chaos of today’s world, it can be easy to keep our focus on everything and everyone else. 

It is no secret that we are living in a different world today than we were 3 months ago- one that is more awake, more vigilant, more aware and more activated + polarized than ever before. It’s easy to keep our focus outward on the problem, but doing so is not a way to get to the solution. 

In today’s solo episode, I’m speaking on what it means to get to the ROOTS of change, and why radical personal responsibility is more important in this moment than it ever has been. 

I truly believe that we can’t enact change in our external world, if we don’t first begin with seeing what needs to be changed in ourselves. 


Be sure to grab some paper and a pen for some journal prompts at the end of the episode (or look ahead in the show notes for them!) The world needs us now, in this moment, to show up for it-  let’s get started. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • The state of our world and how I am personally navigating these times [ 0:40 ] 
  • How to get in touch with how we’re individually feeling and getting to the root causes       [ 2:19 ]
  • What this moment in time is offering us [ 6:49 ]
  • The Importance of radical personal responsibility right now [ 11:59 ]
  • What I’ve noticed in other’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement [ 14:50 ]
  • Why the awareness of our own actions/inactions is so important [ 19:42 ]
  • Things we all need to be reminded of right now [ 23:57 ]
  • Prompts for you to dive deeper [ 28:20 ]
    • What triggers are arising for me today and where are they tethered? 
    • Why am I trying to over control this? 
    • What do I believe the control is going to save me from? 
    • Where have I been showing up as a victim or a co-dependent? 
    • Where is my guilt leading me to not be helpful, and actually more harmful? 
    • What would happen if I decided to step into my personal leadership? 
    • What does radical personal responsibility look like for me today? 
    • What is my inner oppressor telling me? 
    • What do I know that I need to do in order to get out from under that rule? 
    • What does my inner activist want me to do today? 
    • What does she need, in order for me to be able to do that? 


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “We teach what we need to develop.”
  • “Nothing changes until we change first.” 
  • “We don’t get free until we understand what it is we’re trying to free ourselves from.” 
  • “We must go back to the roots, it’s the only way.”
  • “Recognize the ways in which the victimhood experiences of our past are rippling into the new experiences of our present.” 
  • “Being a part of the solution is going to require radical self-care.” 
  • “If the whole world is a mirror for our own personal experiences, we must look at the places where we hold ourselves in bondage.” 


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