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Feb 2, 2021

Are you ready to fully understand your soul’s purpose?

I was lucky to be on my good friend and client, Chris Yonkers’ podcast, The Secret Thoughts of CEOs. He is a lifelong student of human potential who embraces a uniquely collaborative approach to professional and personal development; one that encompasses the principles of leadership, classical sales training, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

He works with senior executives, entrepreneurs and highly motivated salespeople who aspire to top levels of performance and achievement. His gift is in helping people define their improvement initiatives, set realistic goals for executing them, and align their natural abilities with their core values to create extraordinary outcomes, both in business and in life.

Early on, Chris was impressed by the variety of ways in which people addressed challenges in their lives, handled pressure, or overcame adversity to achieve their goals. Whether he is addressing the qualities that make great athletes excel on the field of battle, drive musicians to the top of their craft, or motivate businesspeople to step up and reap greater rewards for their work, Chris tailors his message of achievement.

Having recognized and maximized his own breakthroughs, he knows how to set people up emotionally for success. He excels at establishing an environment of mutual trust in which his clients can find their “zone” and stave off professional burnout.

He is a highly sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator whose programs are engineered to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of high-end achievers. An accomplished martial artist and practitioner of yoga, Chris extracts valuable business lessons through Sanchin-Ryu karate—in which he holds a 7th degree black belt—and Ashtanga yoga philosophy.

In this episode, Chris and I go in depth on gender in the workplace and mom guilt. We talk about the mindset of women as business leaders and CEOs. We peeled back all sorts of layers to better understand the dynamics and factors that most men don't have to think about that women have learned to adapt to, paradigms holding entrepreneurs back from true success + fulfillment and what we can do about it.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about the podcast host, Chris Yonkers [ 1:45 ]
  • What sacrifice means + how to say yes to the right things [ 8:25 ]
  • What happens when we surrender to our higher calling in life [ 11:40 ]
  • How to navigate mom guilt when devoting energy to our careers [ 18:40 ]
  • The importance of a combined vision as a couple [ 28:45 ]
  • Why we need to find + navigate our harmful generational beliefs [ 34:50 ]
  • How to stop diminishing our soul’s purpose [ 39:30 ]
  • The most significant paradigm that has the power over our outcome [ 47:50 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “Sink into the and.”
  • “Walk in the direction of what you want to do in your life.”
  • “Be brave and go for it.”
  • “This suffering doesn’t have to be the way.”
  • “I’m not going to talk trash to myself anymore.”

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