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Apr 20, 2021

This week’s episode is a re-share of an incredible conversation I had over on The Business of Thinking Big podcast with Lianne Kim!

Lianne Kim is a Business Coach and the founder of Mamas & Co. - a community for mama entrepreneurs. She is the host of the wildly popular podcast 'The Business of Thinking Big' and the author of the brand-new book 'Building a Joyful Business'. Lianne is on a mission to help women make a great living on their own terms, doing what they love.


Lianne and I discuss how money is not, and never will be, reflective of your worthiness.  We talk about where a lot of this fear comes from, and how we claim a story of money that is not truly our own. 

Plus, I have some super exciting news to share with you! I am one of the members of an epic lineup of speakers for Business Bootcamp 2021, where we’ll dive even deeper into how to use practical strategies to bring more abundance into your life.

You can use my promo code with the link provided (below) to save $15 off enrollment in the Business Bootcamp! I hope to see you there! 


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