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Apr 27, 2021

I am beyond honored to be able to announce the release of my brand new book, Paddle Home: Poems & Passages!

I sat down with my beloved friend (and book doula,) Adrea Peters to offer insights into the “why” behind this book, the journey it took to write it, and my greatest hopes for those who read it. 

I also share some readings of some of my favorite passages from the book, and unearth the inspiration beneath them. 

My hope is that this book takes you on a journey back to yourself, that it very literally, allows you to Paddle Home; to you. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about my new book, Paddle Home [ 2:42 ]
  • Reading of Heartbreak [ 4:19 ]
  • What my hope for this book was [ 4:45 ]
  • Why asking ourselves THE question matters [ 8:54 ]
  • Reading of Sister Pines [ 16:23 ]
  • How it feels to hold Paddle Home in my hands [ 17:07 ]
  • My favorite part of creating [ 19:36 ]
  • Reading of Release All Pressure [ 22:19 ]
  • How to live with and inhabit bravery [ 23:08 ]
  • Why the sacred space you create as a writer is so important [ 28:16 ]
  • Reading of Golden Possibility [ 35:10 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “First we dip, then we fly. That’s just how it works.” - Adrea 
  • “I hope it brings you home; to yourself and what’s true for you.” Amber
  • “When we’re not so afraid, we don’t have to put up the shield.” Amber
  • “Part of what makes you able to be a writer IS doubting yourself.” Adrea 
  • “As a writer, we’re only wanting you to put yourself in our work,” Adrea 
  • “I don’t really know how I feel until I sit down and write about it.” Amber 


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