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May 17, 2022

Welcome to May’s episode of Why Are We Like This?: Anxiety Edition


In this month’s episode, Kristen and I share on a topic that’s been popping up for both us, and for our clients + community: anxiety. 

Each of us has our own experience of what it feels like to dance with this feeling, and with what stirs it up in us. This episode is all about our own personal exploration of it, along with the shifts we’ve made in our own lives to help navigate and/or relinquish it where possible. 

As the world around us becomes even more overwhelming, we’ve both found the importance of managing our nervous systems, controlling what we can, and finding acceptance with (and letting go of) what we can’t. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation and if you find some piece of it useful, we’d be honored if you shared and tagged us: @amberlilyestrom and @kristenhubbardwrites over on Instagram!