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Jul 7, 2020

Ben and I sat down for our annual mid-year refresh and check-in for 2020. (Whew! There was a LOT to cover.) 

We talked about how the pandemic has affected our personal lives, our business and beyond. The current political and social climate we’re all in. Plus, Ben opens up about his former career as a police officer, his views on the Black Lives Matter movement + racial injustices, and what his thoughts are on defunding the police (and what that actually means.) 

It’s an honor to do life with such an incredible human, and I’m so excited to share this beautiful conversation with you. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The last few months and what that’s been like for us [ 1:35 ]
  • Our biggest challenges + triumphs [ 3:20 ]
  • What we’re working on with our daughter right now [ 9:20 ]
  • The ebbs and flows of Ben’s business during the pandemic [ 15:35 ]
  • What’s been happening  in my coaching business and how we’ve pivoted [ 24:04 ]
  • The loss of our beloved pet and how we’ve slowed down as a family [ 26:20 ]
  • The Black Lives Matter movement and the heightened focus on police brutality [ 36:57 ]
  • Ben’s beliefs about the movement and his stance on oppression, and his experience as a former police officer [ 39:42 ]
  • The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the blatant abuse of use of force    [ 50:55 ]
  • Ben’s thoughts on defunding the police and what that actually means [ 58:20 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “We’re kind of like a team where we tag in and out.” - Amber 
  • “We have had to amplify and improve upon our communication.” -Amber 
  • “As a family, generosity is one of our core values.” - Amber
  • “All people deserve the same rights afforded to them.” - Ben
  • “Everyone has to be behind it to help create the change that we want to happen.” - Ben
  • “All people have the capability to be good or bad.” - Ben

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