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Jan 25, 2022

Have you had trouble coming up with the perfect dating profule? Do you know when to keep giving someone a chance?

Alyssa Dineen is the founder of Style My Profile and the book The Art of Online Dating, style your most authentic self and cultivate a mindful dating life. At the age of 41, after 18 years with her ex, Alyssa found herself in the uncharted territory of online dating. She noticed just how many dating profiles could benefit from minor and major tweaks and so it was her own personal experiences that led her to found Style My Profile, the first ever profile styling service for online daters.

The mission of Style My Profile and her new book is to help online daters transform their destinies by taking charge of their profiles and their dating experience. With her unique approach to intentional and mindful dating through self discovery, The Art of Online Dating is the perfect combination of a dating guidebook and the storytelling moments of divorce and getting back out there.

In this episode, we will talk about Alyssa’s story and what led her to this path. We will follow along as she shares her own experiences, along with her client’s, in the online dating world. We’ll come to learn that these practices are seen in many of our relationships, and that being ourselves is what allows us to attract what, and who, we are actually looking for.