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Feb 27, 2018

Facebook Ads: you either love them or you hate them, right? Well, today’s guest, Adrienne Richardson, uncovers the reasons why if you’re NOT using them in your business- you’re sitting on an untapped goldmine.

Adrienne is a Facebook ads ninja and lead generation expert who manages well over $4 million in advertising dollars each year (and has brought in $30 million in new revenue for her clients over the past 3). We sat down and talked all things marketing + strategy, and specifically how to use Facebook  as a tool to reach and engage your dream clients.

Whether you have had success in the past with advertisements or not, today’s episode is sure to help you take your ad game to a whole new level. Grab a paper and a pen, and let’s dive in.


  • iTunes Review of the week [ 4:33 ]

  • This week’s guest, Adrienne Richardson [ 5:31 ]

  • The journey that’s lead Adrienne to where she is today [ 8:03 ]

  • What about PR and marketing made Adrienne feel alive [ 15:29 ]

  • How Adrienne went from working PR to launching her own regional magazine [ 21:56 ]

  • How Adrienne transitioned into starting her own Facebook ads business   [ 25:27 ]

  • How Facebook ads can be an amazing tool in our businesses [ 31:17 ]

  • How to begin creating our own Facebook ads [ 34:17 ]

  • How to speak to your ideal client in your ad copy [ 38:40 ]

  • Going through testing periods and knowing when it’s time to pull your ads [ 42:27 ]

  • Trends on the rise right now [ 49:19 ]

  • How pursuing her passion has affected the rest of Adrienne’s life [ 51:12 ]

  • Adrienne’s happy place [ 54:08 ]


  • “When you niche down, you become known as an expert in that field.”

  • “Never before in history has there been a tool that is so accessible to business owners- that they could literally reach anyone in the world.”

  • “You want to target the problem, not the person.”

  • “Nobody cares what the name of your program is- they care if you can solve your problem.”

  • “You’re showing your ads to human beings, and human beings behavior changes from day to day.”

  • “As women, when we feel personally fulfilled, we are able to fulfill other people.”


Be sure to find out more about Adrienne at her website:!

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