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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Nov 1, 2019

There is a universal experience that we will all face one day, in one form or another. It involves being “voted out” by others, or voting others out yourself. It requires us to as ourselves the question; Am I ready to run? Or am I ready to rise? 

In this week’s Focus Friday, I explain the importance of stepping up our games, regardless of what others around us think when we do so. AND- why it’s so important to surround yourself with those who will continue you to push you forward, instead of demanding that you stay where you’re at. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • My own story of a universal experience that teaches us to grow [ 1:05 ]
  • Where are you voting people out instead of calling yourself up? [ 4:30 ]
  • What we sometimes do when we find ourselves ahead- and why [ 7:00 ]
  • Are the people around you calling you up? [ 9:30 ]
  • What you need to do to step up your game [ 12:15 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “Where are you voting people out instead of calling yourself up?” 
  • “Are you in relationships with people right now who require you to take your foot off the gas?” 
  • “Who’s ready to rise? And who’s ready to run? “
  • “Stop slowing down; and stop using people that you love as an excuse for why you can’t press on.” 

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